You deserve fair justice if you are injured in a slip and fall accident

Shahbaz Firm APC works tirelessly on slip and fall accidents and provides justice to distressed and burdened clients.

Life could be turned upside down in a split second if you run into an accident. Injuries can change lives. These can be car accidents, inadvertent slips and falls in residence or workplace causing traumatic condition, etc. These affect the victim and the family in a very personal way physically and emotionally.

Shahbaz Firm Attorney Handling Slip and Fall Accidents

This is where The Shahbaz Firm Attorney enters the picture. Providing unbiased and impartial advice on slip and fall accidents is the strength of The Shahbaz Firm LA attorney.

Misfortune and the involuntary twist of fate nearly put the family in financial hardship. Essentially, it is critical that seriously injured victims have legal representation as soon as possible to protect their rights.

Shahbaz Firm Attorney Handling Slip and Fall Accidents

Shahbaz Firm’s attorney has a history of favorable settlements. We pride ourselves on providing non-judgmental and easy-to-understand legal advice / guidance to all clients involved in slip and fall accidents. We provide personalized care for individual needs, ranging from medical treatment for injuries as well as addressing financial concerns.Our experience in handling such challenging cases to obtain reasonable compensation for our clients for medical expenses, emotional trauma, future expenses or lost wages during recovery has proven to be significant results.

Slip & Fall

Slip and Fall Injuries: Common Causes

Slip and fall injuries can occur simply due to one’s negligence, but the common causes are varied; Slippery or uneven paved surface, poorly lit walkways / walkways / walkways, broken or broken steps, cluttered or discarded debris on walkways or in the hallway of residential facilities. change one’s life.

Tackling the problem: to claim fair compensation

Slip and fall accidents may seem inconsequential, but sometimes the dangers due to such accidents are vulnerable and need immediate attention. Momentarily, accident victims are left with few options, not knowing what to do next. Our wisdom says that there are not two opinions, but legal advice is the only option

How is a slip and fall case processed?

The Shahbaz Firm attorney will assess the extent of your slip and fall injuries. The next step is to determine the area and place where the accident occurred to build a case; if it occurred in a department store, residential property, or any public place. Although it would be difficult to establish the liability of the owner where the accident occurred, it would be equally challenging to prove the danger that caused the injury. This involves interviewing witnesses, viewing CCTV footage, evaluating all aspects to determine the circumstances of the accident.

Eventually, the success of the claim governs to establish that the owner was negligent in correcting or fixing things even though he was aware of the dangerous condition of the road, floor, hallway / hallway, etc.

The above is just an example; There are several other factors that must be taken into account in claiming compensation for accident victims.

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