Are Personal Injury Cases Handled IN COVID-19 Pandemic?

The corona virus pandemic has shook up businesses of all sizes, and unemployment rates are historically high. Many of those who have active personal injury claims and even those wondering if they might have a claim are asking what impact the pandemic will have on them.

The personal injury attorneys and clients alike have been uniquely affected while attempting to navigate their cases during this pandemic. Clients are rightfully concerned about seeking medical treatment for their injuries in the age of social distancing. They are also wondering whether insurance companies will still pay insurance claims.

You might have got a follow-up appointment scheduled or you’ve been receiving physical therapy. These and many other routine kinds of medical services might not be available these days.

Amid these crises, you will probably feel pressured to take the first settlement an insurance company offers you because a promise of any amount of money can be advantageous. We encourage you not to fall victim to weak offers and contact a reliable personal injury attorney to get fair compensation for your personal injury cases. You can continue medical care while an attorney can help you filling and building legal cases and arguments.

During this uncertain time, we also do not want you make any mistakes that can cost you if you are not informed.

First and foremost, California insurance companies are still paying liability and health insurance claims during this crisis. Under California Insurance Code, insurance agencies must still investigate, process, and pay insurance claims. The state government has informed insurance companies that this statute still applies during the ongoing pandemic in a notice issued on March 18, 2020. – Sources

As maintaining strong medical records is a perquisite for a good personal injury case, we strongly advise personal injury plaintiff to continue medical treatment with exact dates of diagnoses, changes or worsening of symptoms, or fluctuations of health. This can provide a strong foundation for personal injury cases.

Again, it is important to have patience and work with a personal injury attorney while ensuring that your claim is developing correctly.

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