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Employment-Based Immigration: Challenges and Solutions in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, known for its sprawling entertainment industry and diverse cultural landscape, has been a magnet for talent from around the globe. While the city offers a plethora of opportunities, the path to employment-based immigration is often complex.

The role of an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can be critical in navigating this tricky landscape. Read on as we delve into the key challenges faced in the employment-based immigration process and their potential solutions.

Challenges in Employment-Based Immigration

Navigating employment-based immigration involves distinct challenges for both employers and applicants, often requiring expert guidance to maneuver through legal and procedural obstacles.

Policy Fluctuations

The U.S. immigration policy is not static; it changes in response to political climates, economic pressures, and social demands. For instance, during economic downturns, tightening of immigration rules can occur, making it difficult for companies to sponsor international employees.

Time and Complexity

Getting a work visa or a green card can be time-consuming and complex. There are various forms to fill out, interviews to attend, and a myriad of documentation to provide. Each type of employment-based visa has its own set of prerequisites and limitations, adding to the complexity.

Labor Market Tests

Before sponsoring an international employee, employers usually have to go through the labor certification process to demonstrate that there are no qualified United States workers for the position. This adds an additional layer of bureaucracy and time to the already complicated process.

Solutions for Streamlining the Process

In the maze of employment-based immigration, practical solutions exist to streamline the complex process, making it significantly easier for employers and applicants to succeed.

Specialized Legal Assistance

Hiring an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can greatly ease the burden for both employers and potential immigrants. They can provide specialized advice on which visa category to apply for, what documents are needed, and how to tackle challenges that may arise during the application process.

Employer Education

Employers should be educated on immigration laws and policy changes in the United States so that they can be prepared for the responsibilities and obligations that come with sponsoring an international employee. Seminars and online workshops can be very beneficial in this regard.

Technology Utilization

Technology can help automate and simplify many complex aspects of the immigration process. For example, using specialized software tools can help track the status of visa applications, thereby providing a real-time understanding of where applicants are in the application process.

Los Angeles has many opportunities for individuals around the world, but the pathway to employment-based immigration can be challenging. Policy fluctuations, the complexity of the process, and the labor market tests are some of the key issues faced by potential immigrants and their employers.

However, with specialized legal assistance from an experienced immigration lawyer in Los Angeles, the process can become more manageable for both employers and employees.

If you or your organization are navigating the complexities of employment-based immigration in Los Angeles, consult with The Shahbaz Firm. With expert guidance, you can make your dream a reality.


Determining Eligibility: Analyzing Visa Categories and Criteria in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a diverse, sprawling city home to people from around the world. For many who wish to move to the City of Angels, navigating the complex web of visa requirements and eligibility criteria can be daunting. As the heart of the entertainment industry, a hub for tech innovation, and a melting pot of cultures, it’s no surprise that many wish to call Los Angeles their home.

However, understanding the right visa category and meeting its criteria can be a complicated process.

Engaging with an experienced immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can offer clarity and expertise and ease the transition seamlessly for many hopeful residents seeking a new life.

Different Visa Categories

To ensure a smooth immigration process to Los Angeles, it’s crucial to identify the visa category that best fits your situation. The U.S. offers several visa types, each with its unique eligibility criteria:

  • Family-sponsored Visas: For those who have family members residing in the United States of America. as citizens or permanent residents, this category might be a viable option.
  • Employment-based Visas: Catered to professionals, entrepreneurs, and other workers, these visas are a gateway for those seeking career opportunities in Los Angeles.
  • Student Visas: For international students looking to attend one of Los Angeles’s renowned educational institutions, obtaining an F or M visa category is absolutely essential.
  • Visitor Visas: Designed for tourists, business visitors, or those seeking medical treatment.

Nevertheless, understanding the intricacies of each visa category is a crucial task best undertaken with the dedicated assistance of an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles for optimal results.

Eligibility Criteria: An Overview

Once you’ve identified a visa category, the next step is to meet the eligibility criteria:

  • Proof of Relationship or Employment: Family ties or employment offers are key. Ensuring the legitimacy of your visa purpose remains absolutely paramount in the process.
  • Financial Stability: Showcasing financial resilience, either backed by a reliable sponsor or through personal assets, is a crucial, non-negotiable requirement for visa processes.
  • Medical Examinations: Several visa types necessitate thorough health screenings. These ensure applicants present no significant health risks to the broader community.
  • Background Checks: Holding a clean slate is absolutely essential. Comprehensive investigations by immigration officials play a pivotal, determining role in visa endorsements.

Again, a highly skilled and experienced immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can expertly guide applicants through the intricate maze of eligibility requirements, ensuring every crucial box is ticked.

Common Challenges and Solutions

Immigrating to Los Angeles isn’t without its challenges. From documentation issues to changes in policies, it’s essential to be prepared for potential roadblocks. A few common challenges include:

  • Documentation Delays: Even a single missing or misfiled document can significantly derail an application. Engaging in regular check-ins is pivotal to mitigating such risks effectively.
  • Quota Limitations: Various visa categories are constrained by annual quotas. Gaining early awareness or exploring alternative avenues is instrumental to enhancing approval chances.
  • Policy Changes: With the ever-evolving landscape of U.S. immigration policies, it’s crucial to stay informed. Here, the expertise of an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles proves invaluable.

Los Angeles, with its vibrant culture and opportunities, is a beacon of hope and opportunity for many. Yet, navigating the multifaceted immigration process can be overwhelming. From understanding visa categories to ensuring eligibility criteria are met, the journey is often intricate.

However, with the guidance and expertise of an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles, the path becomes clearer, and the dream of calling Los Angeles home becomes attainable.

For personalized, comprehensive assistance on your immigration journey, contact The Shahbaz Firm today. Let our dedicated and seasoned team seamlessly simplify the immigration process for you.

Steps to Take: Legal and Practical Measures After Arriving in Los Angeles

Moving to Los Angeles can be an exciting and life-changing experience. Whether you’re immigrating for work, family, or personal reasons, navigating the legal and practical aspects of your new life in the City of Angels is essential. To help you make a smooth transition, we’ve compiled a list of steps immigrants should take after arriving in Los Angeles. It’s a good idea to consult with an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles to ensure you comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

Secure Your Immigration Status

The first and most crucial step after arriving in Los Angeles is to ensure your immigration status is in order. Depending on your circumstances, you may have a visa, green card, or other forms of authorization. It’s essential to understand the terms and conditions of your status, including any work restrictions, duration, and renewal requirements.

An immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can assist you in maintaining your legal status and inform you about the necessary actions.

Register with USCIS

If you hold a visa or green card, you may need to register with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to keep your status current. If you fail to do this, it can lead to complications and potential legal issues.

An immigration attorney can guide you on how to register with the USCIS and ensure your immigration documents remain valid.

Apply for a Social Security Number (SSN)

If you plan to work in Los Angeles, you’ll need a Social Security Number (SSN). An SSN is essential for tax purposes and other financial transactions, including opening a bank account or obtaining a driver’s license.

To apply for an SSN, visit your local Social Security Administration office with the necessary documentation, which may include proof of immigration status, work authorization, and identity documents.

Obtain a California Driver’s License

If you intend to drive in Los Angeles, you’ll need a California driver’s license. To apply for a license, you must go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and provide proof of identity (ID card, Social Security card, passport, etc.), residency, and legal presence in the United States.

Reviewing the DMV’s website for specific requirements and appointment scheduling is advisable.

Familiarize Yourself with Local Laws and Regulations

Los Angeles has its own set of local laws and regulations and complies with federal and state laws. You should also educate yourself on local ordinances and regulations that may affect you, such as parking restrictions, noise ordinances, and housing regulations.

An immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can play an important part in helping you understand how these local laws affect your immigration status.

Secure Housing and Establish Utilities

Finding suitable housing in Los Angeles can be competitive and challenging. Securing housing early and understanding your lease or rental agreement thoroughly is essential. Additionally, arrange for essential utilities like electricity, water, and internet services to be connected in your name.

Open a Bank Account

Opening a bank account in Los Angeles will make it easier to manage your finances, receive payments, and establish credit. Many banks and credit unions in the city offer various types of accounts specifically tailored to immigrants and newcomers.

Explore Employment Opportunities

If you still need to secure a job, start exploring employment opportunities in Los Angeles. Networking, online job boards, and professional organizations can help you in your job search. Be sure to comply with any work restrictions associated with your immigration status.

Schedule an Appointment with The Shahbaz Law

Immigrating to Los Angeles, or any other city in the United States, can be daunting and exhaustive. Ensuring your legal and practical affairs are in order is crucial to ensure your hard work pays off and you can successfully transition.

Consulting with an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles at The Shahbaz Law can provide valuable guidance and peace of mind throughout the process. By following these essential steps, you’ll be better prepared to navigate the complexities of life in the city and make the most of your new adventure in Los Angeles. Schedule an appointment today.

Debunking Immigration Myths: Dispelling Misconceptions about the Process in Los Angeles

The journey towards immigration can be both exciting and daunting. With numerous steps, paperwork, and requirements involved, it’s no wonder that immigration myths and misconceptions often arise about the process. If you’re considering immigration in Los Angeles, having accurate information is crucial to making informed decisions. In this article, our immigration lawyers in Los Angeles will debunk common immigration myths to help you make the right choices throughout the process.

Myth 1: The Process Is Quick and Easy

One of the most prevalent misconceptions is that the immigration process is quick and straightforward. In reality, the process can be intricate and time-consuming. Visa applications, green card petitions, and citizenship applications often require careful attention to detail and adherence to specific timelines. An immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can ensure your paperwork is correctly filed and you meet all necessary deadlines.

Myth 2: Legal Representation Is Unnecessary

Some individuals believe that they can navigate the immigration process on their own without the assistance of an immigration lawyer. However, immigration law is complex and subject to frequent changes. An experienced immigration lawyer in Los Angeles is well-versed in the latest regulations, procedures, and potential pitfalls. With an expert by your side, you can steer clear of costly errors that might hinder or put your immigration objectives at risk.

Myth 3: Marriage Guarantees Immediate Citizenship

Another common myth is that marrying a U.S. citizen automatically guarantees immediate citizenship. Although marrying a U.S. citizen can lead to obtaining a green card, becoming a citizen involves meeting certain requirements and submitting an application separately. An immigration lawyer in Los Angeles will guide you through the necessary steps and requirements for both processes.

Myth 4: The Same Process Applies to Everyone

Immigration cases are as unique as the individuals involved. Each case is influenced by factors such as nationality, family relationships, employment, and individual circumstances. Assuming that a one-size-fits-all approach can lead to errors and complications. An immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can tailor their guidance to your specific situation, ensuring your case is treated with the attention it deserves.

Myth 5: Only Undocumented Immigrants Need Legal Help

Whether you’re seeking a visa, green card, or citizenship, having legal guidance is valuable at every stage of the immigration process. Even those with valid documentation can benefit from the expertise of an immigration lawyer. The insights provided by them can assist you in navigating the intricate legal terrain, predicting potential obstacles, and enhancing the probability of achieving a favorable outcome.

Consult The Shahbaz Firm for Expert Immigration Assistance

Dispelling these immigration myths underscores the importance of accurate information and professional guidance. If you’re considering immigration in Los Angeles, The Shahbaz Firm is here to help. As trusted immigration lawyers in Los Angeles, our team provides personalized and effective legal support throughout the immigration journey. Contact The Shahbaz Firm today for a consultation. We can provide you with the clarity, guidance, and advocacy you need to navigate the immigration process successfully. Your path to a new chapter in the U.S. starts with The Shahbaz Firm.

Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Understanding Legal Protections in Los Angeles

The City of Angels, Los Angeles, has long been a symbol of hope and dreams, attracting people from all walks of life to its vibrant and diverse community. Among those who seek a new beginning are asylum seekers and refugees. These individuals often flee persecution, violence, and hardship in their home countries in search of safety and a chance for a better life. We will discuss the legal protections available to asylum seekers and refugees in Los Angeles, emphasizing the crucial role of immigration lawyers in navigating their complex journeys.

Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Defined

Asylum seekers and refugees are individuals and families who have left their home countries because they have genuine concerns about being persecuted. While both groups seek protection in a new country, there are important legal distinctions between them.

Legal Protections for Asylum Seekers and Refugees

With its rich cultural tapestry and diverse population, Los Angeles provides a safe haven for those in need. Asylum seekers and refugees in the city can access several legal protections, including:

1. Asylum Application Process

Asylum seekers can apply for asylum within one year of arriving in the United States. The asylum application process can be complex, requiring detailed documentation and legal expertise. Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles provide invaluable assistance in preparing a strong case.

2. Refugee Resettlement

Refugees are individuals who have been screened and granted protection before arriving in the U.S. They are often referred for resettlement by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) or other designated agencies. Once in Los Angeles, refugees can access essential services and resources to help them integrate into American society.

3. Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

TPS is granted to individuals from countries facing ongoing armed conflict, environmental disasters, or other extraordinary conditions. Los Angeles hosts a diverse TPS population, and immigration lawyers are critical in assisting TPS holders with legal matters and potential pathways to permanent residency.

The Role of Immigration Lawyers in Los Angeles

Navigating the intricate web of immigration laws and procedures can be overwhelming, especially for those already grappling with the challenges of starting anew. An immigration lawyer in Los Angeles serves as a steadfast guide, offering expert legal counsel and assistance in the following ways:

  1. Application Preparation: Immigration lawyers help asylum seekers compile comprehensive applications, ensuring that all required documentation is accurate and submitted on time.
  2. Legal Representation: Attorneys advocate for their clients during immigration proceedings, presenting their cases before immigration officials and courts.
  3. Navigating Complexities: Immigration lawyers are well-versed in the evolving landscape of immigration laws, helping clients explore various avenues and options for legal status and residency.

Contact The Shahbaz Firm: Your Compassionate Legal Partner

Los Angeles extends its arms to embrace asylum seekers and refugees seeking solace and security. With the guidance of experienced immigration lawyers, these individuals can navigate the complex legal landscape, accessing the protections they need to thrive. The journey toward safety and a brighter future starts with seeking the right legal partner.

Amid uncertainty and change, The Shahbaz Firm assists asylum seekers and refugees in Los Angeles. With a commitment to providing compassionate and expert legal support, The Shahbaz Firm’s immigration lawyers in Los Angeles are dedicated to helping individuals and families secure their futures and build new lives.

Family Immigration: Reuniting Loved Ones through Legal Channels in Los Angeles

Reuniting families is crucial to immigration, allowing people to stay close to their loved ones. However, the United States immigration system is fraught with complexities, making it challenging for families to reunite. This is where an immigration lawyer comes in.

An immigration lawyer plays an invaluable role in helping individuals navigate the complex waters of immigration legally, ensuring they have the best chance of being reunited with their families.

Let us look at how an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can help you.

Assessing Eligibility

A qualified immigration lawyer will evaluate the sponsor’s immigration status and the relationship with the intended immigrant to determine eligibility for family-based immigration. They will review the specific circumstances and advise on the appropriate visa category or immigration process.

Preparing and Filing Petitions

Immigration lawyers will assist in preparing and filing the necessary immigration forms, such as Form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative) for family-sponsored immigrants. They ensure that all required supporting documents and evidence are included in the petition to strengthen the case.

Navigating Complex Procedures

Understanding the recent immigration laws isn’t easy. The procedures may also vary based on the family relationship and the immigrant’s location. Our immigration lawyers will guide the sponsor and beneficiary through the process, ensuring compliance with all requirements and deadlines.

Addressing Legal Issues

If there are any legal issues or complications, such as prior immigration violations or criminal history, our immigration lawyers can strategize on addressing these concerns. This can help to increase the chances of a successful application.

Responding to Requests for Evidence (RFEs)

If a Request for Evidence is issued by the USCIS, seeking additional information or documentation, an immigration lawyer will help prepare a comprehensive response to address the concerns and strengthen your case.

Liaising with Government Agencies

Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles will liaise between the sponsor and government agencies, such as USCIS or the U.S. Department of State, to ensure smooth communication and timely application processing.

Consular Processing Assistance

If the immigrant is processing their visa through a U.S. consulate abroad, the lawyer can guide the required documentation and prepare the applicant for the visa interview.

Overcoming Visa Backlogs

Visa backlogs can delay the immigration process significantly. Our immigration lawyers will keep track of priority dates and the Visa Bulletin to help the beneficiaries apply for their visas as soon as they become available.

Ensuring Compliance with Affidavit of Support

Lawyers will help sponsors understand and fulfill their financial responsibilities by providing an Affidavit of Support and ensuring they meet the income requirements.

Providing Legal Representation

Lawyers can represent their clients in immigration court or before the Board of Immigration Appeals if there are complications or disputes in the family immigration case.

Set Up a Consultation with an Experienced Immigration Lawyer in Los Angeles

Overall, having an experienced immigration lawyer in Los Angeles is essential to navigating the family immigration process successfully and reuniting loved ones through legal channels in the United States.  The expertise of an Immigration Lawyer in Los Angeles can significantly increase the chances of a positive outcome and provide peace of mind throughout the immigration journey.

If you want to be united with your loved ones, we advise you to schedule an initial consultation with The Shahbaz Firm, APC.

Facing Deportation: How Immigration Lawyers in Los Angeles Can Protect Your Rights

The United States is a land of opportunities for immigrants flocking to the country for a better life for themselves and their families. However, if convicted of a crime, the government can also swiftly deport them.

If you are facing deportation, you need a skilled and compassionate immigration lawyer in Los Angeles. Please remember that the government will have an attorney at your deportation or removal hearing. Having an equally experienced lawyer who is more than familiar with California immigration laws can benefit your case.

How an Immigration Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights

While your case may differ as per the circumstances you are in, the following are some of the immigration paths and reliefs an immigration lawyer can provide:

Status Adjustment

An adjustment of status allows immigrants to acquire legal status as permanent residents. Your immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can tell you if you qualify.

The Immigration Appeal Process

An experienced immigration attorney can help you through the appeals process and act as your representative to the Board of Immigration Appeals.


If you cannot return to your country of origin because you fear for your life or because of the country’s condition, an immigration lawyer can help you seek asylum in the United States.

U Visas

You may be eligible for a temporary nonimmigrant visa if you suffered significant mental and physical abuse or witnessed a crime. It may lead to potential legal US residency and citizenship if you have an experienced immigration and deportation lawyer.

Voluntary Departure

If you are not eligible for deportation relief, you may choose to leave the US voluntarily. An immigration lawyer can help you with the process.

Removal Cancellation

Both legal permanent residents and non-residents in the US can avail of this immigration relief if they wish to remain in the country.

Withholding Removal

This type of immigration relief is like asylum, but it allows you to stay and work in the US indefinitely without being eligible for a Green Card.

Waiver of Inadmissibility

Your attorney can help you prevent deportation with several different waivers. Ask about these in your first consultation and if you are eligible.

Los Angeles is a melting pot of diverse cultures because of its high immigrant population. Realize your dreams and remain in the country without fearing deportation with help from an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles.

Citizenship Naturalization

If you meet the requirements of the Immigration and Nationality Act, your attorney can help you with the naturalization process, i.e., acquiring US citizenship.

Contact The Shahbaz Firm for a Consultation Today!

Growing up in an immigrant household, immigration lawyer Danish Shahbaz understands the fear that a potential deportation can bring. He personally works with clients to determine affordable and efficient solutions to their immigration issues. To book a legal consultation with the lawyer and his team, contact The Shahbaz Firm, APC, today!

3 Things to Know About Getting a Green Card Through Marriage in California

If you’re waiting to live with your foreign spouse, the last thing you want is to delay your green card application by making mistakes. Unfortunately, this is something that happens quite often. So what should you know about getting a green card through marriage? This article lists three of the most important steps on your green card journey.

Eligibility Requirements

If you want to apply for a green card in California based on marriage to a U.S. citizen (or permanent resident), you’ll need to meet certain eligibility criteria. First, you’ll need to have a legally valid marriage that’s recognized in the state of California. This means you’ll need to have a legal marriage certificate to serve as evidence of the marital relationship.

You’ll also need to provide proof that your marriage is genuine. Some people have fake marriages of convenience purely for immigration benefits. Applicants must therefore provide evidence that shows they have a real relationship.

This may include showing things like joint bank accounts, shared property, and photographs of the two of you together. You may also provide signed affidavits from family and friends. An immigration lawyer can help you get these things in order.

Filing the Petition

To actually obtain your green card, you’ll need to fill out a series of applications with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The first step is filling out Form I-130, which is the Petition for Alien Relative. This is when the U.S. Citizen (or permanent U.S. resident) files a form to establish their relationship with a foreign-born spouse.

Once the I-130 petition is approved, you’ll then file Form I-485, which is the Application to Register Permanent Residence. The foreign-born spouse files this application to adjust their status to a lawful permanent residence.

Mistakes with the forms can cause significant delays to your application. If you want to ensure you’re approved as quickly as possible, immigration lawyers can help.

Biometrics and Interview

Once you’ve successfully submitted these forms and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services have approved them, the foreign spouse will be invited to a biometrics appointment. Here the immigration department will take a photograph and the fingerprints of the foreign-born spouse.

After this, the two of you will also need to attend an interview to evaluate whether the marriage is legitimate. During the interview it may help if you can provide evidence that the marriage is legitimate. Again, hiring an immigration attorney is the optimal way to ensure you’re properly prepared.

Now You Know About Getting a Green Card Through Marriage

Getting a green card through marriage can be a difficult process, especially if you’re not correctly prepared. Given that mistakes in the application could have a huge impact on your family life, it makes sense to ensure you do it right.

If you’re looking for the best immigration lawyers in California to help you on your green card journey, contact us today. We take the stress out of the process by ensuring you and your partner are properly prepared.

How Can a Naturalization Lawyer Help You in Los Angeles?

Have you ever wondered about the labyrinth of immigration laws in Los Angeles? It’s a city of dreams, a melting pot of cultures, and a beacon for immigrants. But the path to becoming a naturalized citizen can be complex. So, how can a naturalization lawyer assist you in this journey?

In this article, we’re going to look at exactly that. Keep reading as we get right into it.

Understanding the Role of a Naturalization Lawyer

Naturalization lawyers, often referred to as immigration lawyers, are legal experts who specialize in immigration and citizenship matters. They are the guiding light for individuals navigating the intricate web of immigration laws, helping them comprehend their rights, obligations, and the necessary steps to become naturalized citizens.

In a city as diverse as Los Angeles, the role of a naturalization lawyer is invaluable. They assist individuals in understanding and complying with the city’s unique immigration landscape and federal laws.

The Need for a Naturalization Lawyer in Los Angeles

We exist in a world governed by rules and regulations. When it comes to immigration, these rules can be intricate and perplexing. This is where a naturalization lawyer steps in. They can:

  • Clarify the immigration process and your rights
  • Guide you through legal procedures and paperwork
  • Represent you in court if required
  • Advise on potential issues or challenges

In the realm of immigration, the rules can be intricate. A naturalization lawyer is one who can simplify this complexity. They provide clarity on the immigration process, guide through legal procedures, represent in court, and advise on potential challenges.

Selecting the Right Naturalization Lawyer

Choosing the right naturalization lawyer in Los Angeles can seem like a monumental task. But fear not, we have some pointers for you:

  • Find a lawyer with positive feedback
  • Opt for a lawyer specializing in immigration law
  • Ensure the lawyer communicates effectively
  • Consider the lawyer’s fees

Choosing the right naturalization lawyer in Los Angeles is like finding the right key to a lock. It requires careful consideration of the lawyer’s reputation, specialization, communication skills, and fees. The right lawyer is not just a guide but a partner in the journey toward naturalization.

The Shahbaz Firm: A Reliable Naturalization Lawyer in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, The Shahbaz Firm is a trusted ally for those on the path to naturalization. Established by Danish Shahbaz in 2018, the firm is dedicated to professionalism, integrity, and respect for its clients.

We are experts in immigration law and are committed to assisting individuals through the complexities of the immigration process.

The Importance of a Naturalization Lawyer

So, how can a naturalization lawyer assist you in Los Angeles? By helping you navigate the maze of immigration laws, representing your interests, and ensuring you understand your rights and obligations. They can simplify the complex journey toward naturalization.

The path to becoming a naturalized citizen is not just a legal journey but a transformative life experience. Having a reliable naturalization lawyer by your side can make a world of difference.

If you’re in Los Angeles and seeking naturalization, get in touch with The Shhahbaz Firm. We’re here to help!

When to Hire a Deportation Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

Living in the United States as a foreign national can be a disconcerting everyday experience. Denial of visa applications hovers over your head on a daily basis. Especially knowing that the United States deports hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Deportation can tear families apart and make the future very uncertain. Once deportation is on the table, it may seem like you have no options left. Nothing could be further from the truth if you have a deportation defense attorney.

Citizen or not, you have rights. Los Angeles lawyers can give you a fighting chance to remain in the US. Let’s discuss the situations when you need deportation defense attorneys.

Call a Deportation Defense Attorney If You’re Married to a US Citizen

Marrying a US citizen may seem like a straight shot to a green card or visa. After all, your partner can sponsor a K-1 visa just for you. They can even file their taxes jointly with you before you receive permanent resident status.

Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t work out. You may be facing deportation despite having a US spouse or a child born in the US.

With the help of a defense attorney, you can submit a visa petition based on family. Your defense lawyer can secure your USCIS or green card and prevent deportation.

If You Need Asylum

Asylum-seekers arrive in the US en masse every year. Many use this strategy by default to get into the country whether or not it is true. This means border agents may question the intentions of people who are truly seeking asylum.

The United States offers asylum to individuals who fear returning to their home country. If you are concerned about persecution when returning home, defense lawyers can help. They can prove to the courts that you are seeking asylum and allow you to stay.

Currently, the United States has a huge backlog of cases for visas and asylum-seekers. You need to make your case count. Hire a deportation defense attorney before you attend your court date.

If You Are Convicted

You may have committed a crime while living in the United States. Or, much worse, authorities have convicted you of a crime you are not responsible for. In either case, you require the help of defense attorneys.

A criminal record will make things much more complicated, regardless of whether you actually did it. One thing is clear, though: you still have a fighting chance. Contact legal counsel and they will provide strategies that may get you out of hot water.

Find Help with Shahbaz Firm

A deportation defense attorney is a critical asset when your immigration status is on the line. Deportation can happen even if you are seeking asylum, or have a US-born spouse. No matter what your situation–even if you have committed a crime–call a deportation defense attorney to fight your case.

Shahbaz Firm helps immigrants from around the world to secure their stay in the USA. Contact us and give us a brief case summary of your immigration situation.

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