Comparative Fault Laws in California: How They Affect Your Personal Injury Claim in Los Angeles

If you want to know how comparative fault laws in California affect your personal injury claims, we have everything you need to know. Understanding the details can help you seek the right personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles for your claim.

Comparative Fault Laws in California

Personal injury cases can be complicated based on the incident’s details and the variables involved. California’s law dives deep into it to ensure each party gets the compensation they rightfully deserve. The comparative fault law states that more than one party can be assigned a percentage of fault for an accident.

Understanding the implications of this law is crucial to taking legal action as a victim of a personal injury case.

Pure Comparative Fault Rule

The pure comparative fault rule comes into action when you are found partially at fault for an accident, but you can still recover the damages caused. However, the amount of compensation will be decided based on the fault percentage assigned to you.

How Are Fault Percentages Determined?

The trickiest and most complex part of personal injury cases in California is determining the percentages of fault for each party. Several variables jump into the analysis equation, including evidence, witness statements, and expert opinions.

The core goal of the investigation is to fairly allocate fault based on the actions of each party involved in the accident. If you are unsure about your damage compensation, you may seek help from an expert personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. They can help you analyze the dos and don’ts of the process and help you take each step wisely.

Impact on Damages

The percentage of fault directly decides the impact on damage compensation for victims. For instance, if the total damages cost $100,000 and you are assigned 15% fault, your recoverable amount would be $85,000. You must pay the rest of the amount from your pocket.

Please note that the most common scenarios in which comparative fault law comes into action include car accidents, incidents related to slips and falls, and other cases leading to personal injuries.

Why Is Legal Representation Important When Claiming Damages?

Legal representation helps you thoroughly understand the legal aspects of the proceedings. If you want to be fully compensated for your losses and believe the other parties are at fault, your attorney can help you prepare your case against other parties.

Doing so alone can be challenging, considering that you most likely do not have the legal expertise needed to represent your case in a court of law.

Work With a Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles

The above information provides all the details you need regarding California’s comparative fault laws. If you need expert legal representation for thorough compensation, The Shahbaz Firm may be able to help you. Get in touch with us today to discuss your case.

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