When to Hire a Deportation Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

Living in the United States as a foreign national can be a disconcerting everyday experience. Denial of visa applications hovers over your head on a daily basis. Especially knowing that the United States deports hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Deportation can tear families apart and make the future very uncertain. Once deportation is on the table, it may seem like you have no options left. Nothing could be further from the truth if you have a deportation defense attorney.

Citizen or not, you have rights. Los Angeles lawyers can give you a fighting chance to remain in the US. Let’s discuss the situations when you need deportation defense attorneys.

Call a Deportation Defense Attorney If You’re Married to a US Citizen

Marrying a US citizen may seem like a straight shot to a green card or visa. After all, your partner can sponsor a K-1 visa just for you. They can even file their taxes jointly with you before you receive permanent resident status.

Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t work out. You may be facing deportation despite having a US spouse or a child born in the US.

With the help of a defense attorney, you can submit a visa petition based on family. Your defense lawyer can secure your USCIS or green card and prevent deportation.

If You Need Asylum

Asylum-seekers arrive in the US en masse every year. Many use this strategy by default to get into the country whether or not it is true. This means border agents may question the intentions of people who are truly seeking asylum.

The United States offers asylum to individuals who fear returning to their home country. If you are concerned about persecution when returning home, defense lawyers can help. They can prove to the courts that you are seeking asylum and allow you to stay.

Currently, the United States has a huge backlog of cases for visas and asylum-seekers. You need to make your case count. Hire a deportation defense attorney before you attend your court date.

If You Are Convicted

You may have committed a crime while living in the United States. Or, much worse, authorities have convicted you of a crime you are not responsible for. In either case, you require the help of defense attorneys.

A criminal record will make things much more complicated, regardless of whether you actually did it. One thing is clear, though: you still have a fighting chance. Contact legal counsel and they will provide strategies that may get you out of hot water.

Find Help with Shahbaz Firm

A deportation defense attorney is a critical asset when your immigration status is on the line. Deportation can happen even if you are seeking asylum, or have a US-born spouse. No matter what your situation–even if you have committed a crime–call a deportation defense attorney to fight your case.

Shahbaz Firm helps immigrants from around the world to secure their stay in the USA. Contact us and give us a brief case summary of your immigration situation.

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