Comparative Negligence: How Partial Fault Affects Compensation in Personal Injury Cases In Los Angeles

In any personal injury case, the issue of negligence is at the forefront of determining who is responsible for the injury. However, what if both parties involved contributed to and were responsible? This is where comparative negligence steps in. In Los Angeles, comparative negligence can significantly impact the injured party’s compensation.

Here, we will explore how a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles works and what you need to know if you’re involved in a personal injury case where comparative negligence is a factor.

What Is Comparative Negligence?

Comparative negligence can be challenging for those not well-versed in the legal field. In essence, it refers to the degree of fault or responsibility assigned to each party involved in an incident resulting in damage. Personal injury cases often involve issues related to comparative negligence and can be complex matters that require the expertise of a professional attorney.

For those seeking legal representation in Los Angeles, finding a personal injury lawyer with a deep understanding of comparative negligence law is essential. This can ensure that the injured party is adequately compensated for their losses and can confidently navigate the complex legal system.

How Does Comparative Negligence Work in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles follows a pure comparative negligence system. This means that if the fault was even ninety-nine percent the plaintiff’s, they could still recover damages for the 1% of fault attributed to the defendant.

Let’s say a plaintiff was awarded $100k in damages but was found to be 50% at fault; their compensation would come down to $50,000. However, if the plaintiff were found to be 99% at fault, they would still be able to receive $1,000 in damages.

What Factors Determine Comparative Negligence in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, comparative negligence is determined by a court or jury based on the evidence presented in the case. Factors typically considered when determining comparative negligence include the actions of both parties leading up to the accident, their respective levels of awareness and attention, and whether either party violated any traffic laws or safety regulations.

What You Need to Know About Comparative Negligence in Personal Injury Cases

As a victim of a personal injury case, it is imperative to be aware of comparative negligence. In legal terms, comparative negligence is significant in personal injury cases for determining the settlement amount. It can be quite complex for a non-legal professional to grasp the concept of comparative negligence, which is why it is paramount to look for the guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.

A skilled lawyer can provide expert advice and ensure that a victim is protected and fully compensated for their injuries, damages, and losses.

Summing it Up

Comparative negligence can be a complex legal concept, especially in personal injury cases. However, by understanding how it works in Los Angeles and what factors are considered, you can prepare yourself for a potential legal battle.

If you find yourself in a situation where comparative negligence is a factor, be sure to work with an experienced attorney like the attorneys at The Shahbaz Firm, who can provide assistance so that you receive the compensation you deserve.


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