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It is matter of reckoning that a humble bicyclist not given proper respect by motorists and a slight clip by rashly driven motors cause grave injury to the cyclists.

Like any other city in the world, bicycle accidents are very common in Los Angeles. Despite the administration having provided dedicated lanes for cyclists, the roadways have inadequate shoulder space for cyclists leaving them exposed to hazards.
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Like motor accidents, the bicycle accidents have become a common feature in recent times and it pains to see someone dear to you has been harmed in a bicycle accident. No need to panic as Bicycle Accident Injury Attorney Service in LA can hold the responsible party accountable for your injuries and help claim compensation.

The general public is ill informed about their rights when it comes to motor vehicle accidents. However, ironically when it comes to sharing and using the roads, bicyclists and motorists have the same rights. Los Angeles, one of the populated cities of California, mostly has dedicated adjacent lanes for biking. Nevertheless, in the absence of such lanes, the motorists are legally bound to treat bicycles like any other vehicle on the road. Failing to do so will attract liability claims when bicyclists are involved in accidents.
Needless to say, bicyclists are vulnerable to a range of injuries due to collisions with speeding motorists, despite wearing safety gear; the injuries can be serious when it involves with passenger vehicle. Some of the common road accidents involving bicyclists
Some of the common road accidents involving bicyclists and motorists are head injuries, broken bones, lacerations, injuries to spinal cord etc., leading to traumatic conditions. Sometimes an exception and not a rule, the rider is culpable to some extent or fully for the accident.
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Causes of Bicycle Accidents

There are many conditions that can lead to a life saving bicycle accident. However, the most commonly cited include:

Drivers not obeying signal rules with impunity or more commonly their inattention while driving
Motorists do not stop at pedestrian or zebra crossing
Impaired driving or impaired visibility
Drivers unwittingly drifting into bicycle lanes
Using mobile device while driving and not giving right of way
Besides the above, the other causes of bicycle accidents and leading to potential litigation are due to badly maintained roads, un-cleared debris, unsafe road conditions, broken pavements etc.,

We at the Bicycle Accident Injury Attorney Service in LA will help you fight for your rights and offer guidance in claiming compensation.

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